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In compliance with the obligations set out in the European Privacy Regulation UE / 2016/679 (GDPR) with
this we intend to inform you about the processing of personal data freely given by you and / or other
subjects communicated to AGENZIA BOREAL S.r.l. , which will process the personal data concerning you,
which may be collected by us, by you and / or by other subjects communicated, by completing the form,
browsing web pages and using online services .

The processing of data, collected as owners and operator of the website, will be
carried out in compliance with the privacy rules in force and based on principles of correctness, lawfulness
and transparency and performed in compliance with the pertinent principles, completeness and not excess.

1. Identity and contact details of the holder

Corso del Sole n. 66 / 68
30028 Bibione - San Michele al Tagliamento (VE)
VAT 03246190270
Tel. 0431 430428

Legal Representative of the Data Controller: Nicole Calligher

2. Data categories and purposes of the processing for which personal data are intended
During the navigation and use of our website, the following information can be collected and processed for
exclusive purposes of security and improvement of the service offered:
• Site access page (using query parameters in the URL)
• Source page that leads visitors
• Date and time of access
• Amount of data transferred
• Access status (page found, page not found ...)
• Operating system and browser used
• IP address of the client and optionally the domain name or name of the Internet service provider
• Registration data, statistics on page views, traffic data and advertising data (see 'Cookies Information').

The data you provide will be processed for the following purposes:
• For the regular performance of the institutional activities of renting and buying and selling real estate;
• For requirements relating to the sending of offers and proposals requested by the customer, to the
stipulation of contracts, to their execution, to subsequent modifications or variations and for any obligation
envisaged for the fulfillment of the same
• For operational, organizational, managerial, fiscal, financial, insurance and accounting needs related to
the established contractual and / or pre-contractual relationship;
• To fulfill any type of obligation required by laws, regulations or community legislation;
• For security purposes regarding the use of the website and online services.
• For marketing activities with automated or similar tools such as: E-mail and newsletter (after obtaining
your explicit consent).

3 Legal basis of the processing
The provision and processing of data is:
• mandatory and does not require your consent for the achievement of purposes related to obligations
under EU laws, regulations or regulations;
• essential and does not require your consent for all personal data that are essential for the correct
establishment, management and continuation of the commercial and / or contractual relationship;
• indispensable and does not require your consent for the performance of tasks of public interest or
exercise of public authority for which we have been invested.
• essential and does not require your consent for the pursuit of legitimate business interests;
• optional and requires your explicit consent for all personal data collected for purposes not directly and /
or indirectly related to contractual obligations, pre-contractual obligations or the pursuit of legitimate
A possible refusal, even if legitimate, to provide all or part of the above data, could compromise the regular
performance of the relationship with our structure and in particular, for personal data on defined as
mandatory and indispensable, could result in the impossibility on our part to carry out normal business
operations and the regular delivery of the requested products / services.

4. Methods of processing
The processing of your personal data is carried out with or without the help of computer systems, including
automated ones and may consist of the following operations: collection, registration, organization and
storage, consultation, use, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, interconnection,
transmission, communication, cancellation, destruction, blocking and limitation.
In the course of processing operations, however, all technical, informational, organizational and procedural
security measures will always be adopted, in order to guarantee the minimum level of data protection
required by law. The methodologies mentioned above, applied for processing, will guarantee access to data
only to the subjects specified in point 5.

5. Categories of recipients of personal data
The subjects or the categories of subjects that will be aware of personal data or to which they can be
communicated are the following:
• Legal representative of the Data Controller, authorized employees of data processing.
• Data processors, for example: consultancy and IT consultancy, freelancers.
Personal data may also be disseminated, but only in aggregate, anonymous and for statistical purposes.

6. Storage and transfer of personal data
The management and storage of personal data takes place on servers located within the European Union
(Italy) owned and / or in the availability of the owner and / or third party companies and the provider of
web services,duly appointed as responsible for the treatment.

7. Period of retention of personal data
The data will be collected and recorded only for the purposes described above and will be kept for the time
strictly necessary to complete the contractually established activities, which in any case will not exceed 10
years from their collection for administrative and accounting purposes and not exceeding 24 months for
marketing purposes.

Information on cookies
To make it easier for you to browse this site, we inform you that we use cookies.
Cookies are small text files that are stored locally on the user's computer or mobile device in order to store
information on the basis of browsing the internet.
This information allows you to customize navigation on sites: for example, allow you to memorize your
choices, such as language, currency, search criteria and then facilitate the visit to the site later.Very often they are necessary for the normal functioning of a site, as well as to access restricted areas and
fill out a form.
There are different types of cookies depending on the function, duration and who put them on a website.
Below we list those that are used by this site:
• Technical: These are cookies that are used to browse or provide a service requested by the user. They are
not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the owner of the website. Without the
use of these cookies, some operations could not be performed or would be more complex and / or less

First-party cookies
Name Expiry Type Description
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Third-party cookies
Third-party cookies, ie cookies of sites or web servers other than that of, used for the purposes
of these third parties, including profiling cookies. Please note that these third parties, listed below with the
related links to privacy policies, are independent data controllers collected through the cookies they serve;
therefore, you must refer to their policies regarding the processing of personal data, information and
consent forms (selection and de-selection of the respective cookies), as specified in the aforementioned
Order. For completeness it is also specified that Mercurio Sistemi S.r.l. does its utmost to be able to track
cookies on its Site. These are updated regularly in the table below, where we give transparency on cookies
directly sent by and their purpose. Regarding the third parties that send cookies through our site,
we provide below the links to their respective privacy policies: to these third parties we demand, as already
specified, the responsibility to provide the information and collect the consent of users, as expected from
the Measure. This responsibility is to be referred not only to cookies that third parties send directly, but
also to any additional cookies that are sent via our site by virtue of the use of services that the third parties
themselves enjoy. In fact, compared to these cookies, sent by service providers of the aforementioned third
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or purpose.
This site contains the following third-party cookies:

Service Description Privacy Link
Google Maps Google Maps (former name Google Local) is a service accessible from its website that allows
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particular places, including restaurants, monuments, shops, also you can find a possible road route
between two points and view satellite photos of many areas. Google Maps also offers a search for
commercial activities on the same maps. https: //

This site has no access or control to third-party cookies and in this regard disclaims any liability. The user is
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The user can disable cookies through the specific configurations of the browser used or the related
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Disabling cookies using a browser
From the settings of your browser (eg Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) you can decide which
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Generally, the methods for these settings, which may change depending on the browser used, can be found
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If you want instead to have detailed information that will guide you step by step to the selection of cookies

ATTENTION: by disabling technical and / or functional cookies, the Site may not be available or certain
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8. Exercisable rights
In compliance with the provisions of the GDPR, you may exercise the rights indicated therein and in
• You can always ask the Legal Representative of the Data Controller for a copy of your personal data,
information about the location where your personal data are processed and an updated list with the
identification details of all Data Processors and Data Processors. System Administrators authorized to
process your data.
• At any time, you can freely revoke the consent given, without any charge and prejudice to the lawfulness
of the treatments up to that point made, and exercise the following rights of the data subject towards the
Data Controller as provided by the European Regulation EU Privacy / 2016/679 Access, Correction,
Cancellation, Limitation, Opposition, Portability and Complaint to the Privacy Guarantor.
The request can be made by writing an e-mail to

Bibione (Ve)
Signed by the Calligher Nicole Data Controller